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Sinopec boasts the largest nationwide service station network, covering China's cities and countryside, on roads, expressways and waters. By offering gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants, convenient store goods and non-fuel products, these stations serve government organizations, businesses, agricultural and private consumers, playing an important role in providing topnotch service to customers, especially in fighting the icy storm disaster and earthquake and ensuring supplies to the Olympic Games.

In recent years, the Company's Oil Products Sales Dept. has designed and implemented a number of measures to ensure an effective long-term service stations management mechanism. These measures, including 'Star Stations Campaign', 'Quality Service Campaign', 'Safety Management Campaign', ‘Upgrading Management and Service Campaign’ ,‘Gas station Customers satisfied Campaign’, station operators' skill contest, setup of fuel cards customer service centers and releasing of public supervision phone numbers 95105888, 95105988, etc, helped build the Company's brand awareness and image, and sharpened the Company's competitive edge.

Standardized and Paperwork Management
A rigorous regulation paperwork and standardization system is established in the process of design, construction, management and service for Sinopec’s service stations. The management of this system will be further improved in line with changes in consumers’ psychology, habit and behavior as time goes by.

Crack down on counterfeit trademarks and Safeguard lawful rights
As Sinopec is well received as a famous brand, some private-owned service stations camouflage themselves in Sinopec trademarks, which badly impairs Sinopec’s brand image and damages consumers’ interests. Sinopec has further cracked down on counterfeit trademarks and forced the shutdown of counterfeit service stations by administrative and lawful means. We hope consumers will be able to correctly discern those fake stations and encourage them to report unlawful uses of Sinopec trademarks to Sinopec Refined Products Marketing Dept. or local Sinopec subsidiaries.

Status Quo of the Counterfeit Sinopec Service Stations
Currently, private-owned service stations in the disguise of Sinopec trademarks are geographically sporadic with some in remote countryside. The crackdown efforts have encountered certain difficulties due to intended obstructions. In particular, some private owners of these service stations are of little legal awareness, which brings difficulties to the shutdown efforts of persuasion and lobbying. However, due to the constraint of legal procedures, Sinopec still has a long way to go if it wants to shut them all down through legal processes.

How to Discern Counterfeit Service Stations
First of all, color, graphics and characters will be easy to discern. Authentic Sinopec service stations are spectacular in appearance with comprehensive facilities. Sinopec’s station employees wear their unified work suits with specific numbers and are trained with standardized service languages. Generally, there’s a registration certificate in Sinopec service stations with unified codes and characters of Sinopec ** Service Station.

A price board and a service items board with Sinopec logo are usually hung on the wall. Oil products of Sinopec service stations are purchased from legal channels with good quality. Stations with a pungent odor of heavy oil are no Sinopec’s service stations. In addition, many Sinopec stations are now accepting IC card for fueling, which may reassure customers.

Non-fuel Product Business:
Sinopec initiates and expands its non-fuel product business based on professional operation through its largest nationwide service stations network to provide convenient and fast-track services to customers. Our non-fuel products businesses cover a broad spectrum of 24-hour retail stores, vehicle maintenance, fast food and advertising, etc. When you are fueling in Sinopec service stations, you will have access to various services besides fueling your vehicles such as delicious fast food, snacks, soft drinks, cigarettes and liquors, accessories for vehicles as well as vehicle facelift, change of fuels and repair. Propelled by development of non-fuel product businesses, Sinopec service stations network is more comprehensive in providing all-round services to customers with comprehensive functions, high-quality services, relatively strong competitiveness and high brand value. Sinopec’s Easy Joy Online Shopping Mall (www.ejoy365.com) has been officially launched into operation on January 1st, 2012.