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SINOPEC Lubricant Company

Sinopec Lubricant Company, founded on May 29th, 2002 in Beijing, is the largest top grade lubricant manufacturer and distributor in China with a production capacity of 1.46 million tons of packaged lubricants per year. With 11 lube oil and grease blending and manufacturing branch companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Maoming, Guangdong Province, Wuhan and Jingmen, Hubei Province, Jinan, Shandong Province and Zhengzhou, Henan Province as well as 1 branch company in Singapore. It integrates the function of lubricant manufacturing, research, storage, transportation, sales and service.

Equipped with world-class automatic blending and packaging production line, Sinopec Lubricant Company can supply over 700 kinds of lube oils and greases in all 20 categories including crankcase oil, industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, greases, anti-coolant, brake fluid, metal working fluid, marine oil and additives, etc., which are widely used in the fields of aviation, space flight, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical engineering, electronics, etc. As one of China Aviation Partners, Sinopec Lubricant Company has provided lubricating service for Shenzhou manned space flight and Chang’e lunar probe satellite, making great contributions to the development of China’s aviation and space flight causes.

4 R&D institutes and 6 “National Standard Laboratory”, which keep long-term cooperation and partnership with Southwest Research Institute USA, enable the company to undertake application research projects of national level and formulate various lubricant products to meet special market requirements independently. Strictly following the ISO16949 and HSE management system, products reach national standards as well as special standards of ISO, API, and ACEA etc. Moreover, products of the company win technical certificates from automobile manufacturers, such as Daimler-Chrysler, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Bens, Volvo, and MAN and become the first lubricant option of the large-scale group corporations including FAW-VW, Dongfeng Motor Corp., Shanghai General Motor, Shanghai Volkswagen, Chery Group, Baosteel Group Corp., etc. Besides, Sinopec has established its Automobile Industry Technology Center with Sinopec Lubricant Company as the core to serve as the platform for cooperation with the automobile industry.

Sinopec Lubricant Company has gradually nurtured its unique brand culture and strategy on international development. Insisting in building a high-tech, high-quality, international brand image, Sinopec lubricants have entered into the markets of Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe,Australia and South America due to the high efficient sales network in more than 40 countries. Especially, service network of marine oil have been set up in Singapore, The Emirates, South Africa and ready to expand to Europe and America. In 2011, the value of domestic brand “Great Wall Lubricant” boosted RMB 17.44 billion, ranked the 52nd on China’s most valuable brand list and the 1st in Chinese lubricant Industry.

Devoted to the development of Chinese lubricant causes, Sinopec Lubricant Company has actively participated in international operations and made efforts in seeking long-term cooperation relationship with relative industries to achieve mutual development.

Contact us: 0086-010-62941620
Headquarter Address: No.6 West Road, Anning Zhuang, Haidian District, Beijing
Postal Code: 100085
Fax: 86-010-62917732
Website: www.sinolube.com
Service Tel: 400-810-9886



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